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SPRO Baby Fat John 50 New for 2014
Shallow Bait Runs 0-2 Feet
Bronzeye Shad
New for 2014 "let it Glide"
SPRO Fat Papa 55
New Colors for 2014 Dives 5-9 Feet
SPRO Little John Baby DD
Now in Stock 5/8oz, 60mm
SPRO Big Daddy  /Fat Papa
New Colors for 2014 Dives 10-14 Feet
SPRO Bronzeye Popper
New Colors for 2013 1/2 oz, 60mm
Spro Frog
SPRO Bronzeye Frog Jr.
SPRO Bronzeye Frog
5/8oz, 65mm
SPRO Aurku Shad 65
1/2oz, 65mm Sinking
SPRO Aruku Shad
5/8oz. 75mm Sinking
SPRO Aurku Shad 60
3/8oz, 60mm Sinking
SPRO Fat John 60
New Colors for 2013
SPRO King Daddy Bronzeye Frog
The Biggest Baddest Frog Around
SPRO Baby Popper
2inch, 1/4 oz. A Smaller version of the Popular Bronzeye Popper
SPRO BBZ14" Shad
Fast Sinking, Slow Sinking & Floating
SPRO BBZ-1 Baby Shad
SPRO BBZ-1 Baby Shad Sinking
SPRO BBZ- 1 (Jr.) 6 " Swim Bait
Slow Sinking, Fast Sinking & Floating
SPRO Little John
New Colors for 2013 1/2oz, 50mm, Dives 2-5 Feet
SPRO Little John MD
2013 Colors in Stock 1/2oz, 50mm, Dives to 9ft
SPRO Little John DD
1oz, 70mm, Dives to 20ft
SPRO Bucktail jig
SPRO Bucktail Jigs
SPRO Walleye Snell
SPRO Walleye Snells (Single Hook) 5/Pack
SPRO Power Swivels
SPRO Power Swivels
SPRO Power Swivel w/Coast Lock Snap
Power Swivel w/Coast Lock Snap
SPRO Swivle
SPRO Power Swivel w/Hyper Snap
SPRO Swivel
SPRO Ball Bearing Swivel w/Intersnap
SPRO Ball Bearing w/Coast Lock
Ball Bearing w/Coast Lock Snap
SPRO 3-Way Swivels
SPRO 3-Way Swivels
SPRO Swivel
SPRO Premium Ball Bearing Swivels
SPRO Mono Wire Leader
SPRO Mono Wire Leaders
Catfish Rigs
Prime Catfish Rigs 2/pk
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