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The purpose of this blog is to share our opinion on how to use XTackle products, product updates and what is going on in the fishing world.
Our hope is that you will find some of the data here helpful.
If there is something you would like us to write about please let me know. (

Ed Fiore, XTackle

7/29/18 - Ed Fiore

Shallow Water with Reef Runner and Church TX-6 Planer Board 

I have been taking to a lot of fisherman lately and it struck me odd, that when it comes to fishing their shallow water lakes, they don’t think Reef Runner.  
Now, I know Reef Runner has 5 baits that are great for running is less than 6 feet of water.
With over 125 colors for those baits they should be a go to, but it’s clearly not widely known.

The baits listed below will dive less then 6 feet with 20 feet of line out.

  • 100 Series - ~20ft of line out, puts the bait ~4’ down.
  • 200 Series - ~20ft of line out, puts the bait ~5’ down.
  • 400 Series - ~20ft of line out, puts the bait ~6’ down.
  • 500 Series -  ~20ft of line out, puts the bait ~3’ down.
  • 700 Series - ~20ft of line out, puts the bait ~5’ down. (not pictured)

When I'm fishing shallow I'm always pulling baits behind a Chruch Tackle TX-6 Planer board.
The nice thing about fishing shallow is you can typically see where the bait is running, or feel the bottom, so it fairly easy to determine how much line to put out.
If I’m fishing in 5 feet of water I will typically have the bait running at 3 feet, so you may only have 10’ or 15’ of line out behind the planer board.

Shallow Water Reef Runners

Shallow Water Reef Runner - TX6

The TX-6 is a little over 5" in length, the bait in the picture is a 200 series RipShad.
Great for 100, 200, 400 and 500 Series Reef Runners.

The other conversation I have had with fisherman about shallow water crankbaits fishing, is around Planer Boards.
Most don’t know about the Church Tackle TX-6 planer board, and they are missing out.

The TX-6 is by far my favorite planer board for pulling smaller shad baits and shallow running lures, (the 600 Series pulls a little to hard for this board).
This board is the original reason why XTackle started carrying Church Tackle.

The smallest of fish will pull this board back (White Bass, Small Walleyes ...), no more trying to read a tattle-tail flag.
In most cases when fishing this board you have 25’ or less of line out, w
hen a fish strikes, just raise the rod tip and pop the board out of the water.
The board is light enough you get to fight fish not the planer board, it puts the fun back in shallow crankbait trolling.
Another plus, if you have less than 20' of line out, in most cases you don’t have to take to board off to net the fish.

So the next time you’re out fishing your local lake,  give them a try, you may be surprised how well they work.

If you have any questions about pulling Reef Runners in shallow water feel free to drop me a note.

Tight Lines,

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