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XTackle XTDR 6" Deep Diving Rattling Crankbait

XTackle XTDR 6” Deep

Diving Rattling Crankbait

Coming in Spring of 2019 (Late March/Early April)

Standard Colors Chart

There are 2 Series of custom colors that will be released in Early April.
 3 series coming in early Summer

XTackle 2019 Deep Diving Crankbait

                      • High quality crankbait
                      • 3 Rattle chambers
                      • Runs true out of the package
                      • Tight wobble
                      • Ultrasonic welded
                      • 2X Strong NSB EWG hooks
                      • Quality paint and clear coat
                      • Great color selection
                      • 6” Dives to 8’ - 25’ plus
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