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The Products you want when you Want them.
We Stock our Full Inventroy list 365 days a year !!!


Opening an Account -

To open an account you must have a retail fishing tackle store front.  We will not open a wholesale account for Web only retailers.

About Wholesale –

We are a stocking factory authorized distributor for all the lines we carry. We have a  $350.00 opening order, then a minimum re-order size of $75.00  with no minimum quantity orders on any of our baits.
We offer wholesale pricing to qualified accounts for everything listed on our website.

Other requirements to open an account-

Your shop must be locatable on Google Maps, if it is not, we will Require Photos of the Inside and outside (With address showing). Shop must have a listed phone number and be listed in the phone directory under the Shops name (No personal or secondary business names). We require 2 credit references within the Fishing Industry. We will not send a catalog without an approved credit application and signed Terms and conditions.  At this time we are only selling wholesale within the USA.

XTackle Products -  6mm & 8mm Ratlle Beads and Spin Beads, XTackle 6" & 4" Deep Diving and 6" Shallow (Coffin Bill) Crankbaits, Trolling Clips, Weights and Kits,  more coming !!!

Sunline -
We stock the most popular Sunline products and sizes, from FC Sniper Fluorocarbon to Super Natural Mono

Reef Runner -
We have the largest Uncommitted Inventory of Reef Runners in the Country, we currently stock over 190 Colors and 8 Sizes. Including  40+ XTackle Colors and Dozens of Custom Reef Runner Colors and  the Full Line of Cicada's. We offer 3 times more Reef Runner colors than any other distributor. We are the only Distributor to carry 100% of Reef Runners Products offered to them, and Stock over 1,000 SKUs of Reef Runner.

Big Bite Baits – We offer over 1,000 SKU's of Big Bite Bait products, from Crappie and Sunfish to Bass and Walleye, from Crappie Tubes to Rojas Frogs. 

Mack's Lures - We carry all colors of .8", 1". 1.5" and 2" Smile Blades available. As well as a great selection of the best Mack's Products.

SPRO – Is your current distributor out of the most popular SPRO products, RK Crawlers, BBZ Rats BBZ’s 4” and 6”, Little John’s, Little John DD’s and MD’s. Bronzeye Frogs, Bronzeye Poppers, Aruku Shads, Power Swivels we stock them before you need them.

WTP–  We Stock over 250 SKU's of Tape and Eyes.

Gamakatsu - We Stock over 900 SKU’s of Gamakatsu Hooks, Jigs and Rigs. 

Seaguar Fluorocarbon Fishing line - Don’t want 6 at a time, no worries, We stock Smackdown, Tatsu (The Dragon), Leader Material from 2lb to 200lb test, Full line of AbrazX and InvizX  in 200 and 1,000 yard Spools, Red label, Ice, and More

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