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 Who we are:

XTackle was founded in 2000, with the concept of working with manufactures to build custom color Crankbaits and stock only products that we would fish with.

Products like Reef Runner, SPRO, Big Bite Baits, Gamakatus, Mack’s, Seaguar, Chruch Tackle and More!

In 2018 we started building our own products. The first products were our 6mm and 8mm Rattle beads. The next year we built 6mm and 8mm Spin beads.


In 2019 we released our own “XTDR” family of Crankbaits.

The first two were the 4” and 6” Deep Diving Rattling Crankbaits.
We had some very specific requirements for baits based on 18 years for feedback from customers.


1.  Must catch fish (Captain Obvious)

2.  Run true out of the package

3.  Nice tight wobble

4.  We wanted it to be loud in every direction

5.  Run great at all speeds

6.  Offer a wide color selection and Don’t charge more for custom colors than standard colors.


It took a couple of years to get it right, but we think we nailed it.
We have plans for additional shapes in the works that will roll out over next couple of years.


We hope you find our web site easy to use and any feed back is always appreciated.

We are a family owned business and we appreciate your support.

Thank you,
Ed Sr, Kim, Ed Jr and Robyn



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